About Us.

SETARA PELANA SDN BHD was formed in 2002 by an ambitious and hardworking team of professionals. Setara Pelana Sdn Bhd is aiming to become a multi-disciplinary organisation which will acquire an esteemed name for itself in the region. We specialise in the areas of space and facilities planning, interior design and implementation for factories, buildings, banks, mechanical and electrical jobs, commercial buildings and residential projects.

SETARA PELANA SDN BHD has been involved in the construction of buildings and successfully completed a series of different types of buildings. This includes high rise and low rise Residential, Commercial and Car Parking buildings, Industrial and Recreational buildings, as well as over 10 Hospitals and Medicare Centres.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to become a world-class organisation providing the best quality solutions and services to our clients and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through strong commitment and innovation.

Our Mission.

To ensure SETARA PELANA has the highest level of professionalism, integrity and industry recognition.

To ensure SETARA PELANA is committed to innovation and the application of new technologies.

To ensure SETARA PELANA offers the highest quality of solutions and services at the most competitive prices.

To ensure SETARA PELANA provides the most conducive and pleasant working environment.

To ensure SETARA PELANA becomes a good and responsible corporate citizen.

Our Commitment.

SETARA PELANA SDN BHD is committed to delivering quality construction services to its clients and minimising its environmental impact. Further, protecting the health and safety of our clients, employees, workers, the general public and other stakeholders is paramount to us.

We achieve this by:
- Meeting our client's needs and requirements as mutually agreed
- Complying with legal and other applicable requirements
- Continually enhancing our quality, environmental, safety and health practices
- Preventing environmental pollution and conserving natural resources
- Preventing injury and ill health at workplace
- Managing projects efficiently and effectively

Quality Policy.

Setara Pelana Sdn Bhd is committed in delivering quality construction services to its clients by undertaking the following:
  • Strive to meet our clients' needs as mutually agreed, and commitment to comply with ISO and other requirements.
  • Persistently continue to improve our construction services.
  • Subscribe to good quality practices throughout the organization.
  • Building and managing projects effectively and efficiently.